AvisMap Deskpro

AvisMap Deskpro

Software tool for managing, editing, and analyzing virtual 3D maps
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AvisMap Deskpro is a GIS (Geographic Information System) software program that provides all the necessary tools and functionality for managing, editing, reviewing, and analyzing virtual 3D maps – a very useful feature in many engineering fields. It is part of a complete collection of GIS tools designed to work together.

AvisMap Deskpro provides a comfortable and well-designed user interface where you can access practically all related tools with just one click. The main working area is the so-called "WorkSpace Manager", where you can handle all possible different types of objects, like datasources, maps, 3D scenes, layouts, and resources. This program bases its work on a database structure – thus, this makes the datasource object the main element, the one you should start your work with.

When you create a new datasource, you are allowed to choose among several types of database engines, including SDB, SQL, SQL+, Oracle, Oracle spatial, Sybase, and DM. Once you have built it, you can start creating and working with maps, 3D scenes, etc. Besides, inside the "Resources" group you count on additional pre-defined elements, classified as Symbol, Line, and Fill libraries, which can be later inserted on your maps for a more detailed signaling.

Taking into account that this is a GIS software tool, I must mention it is relatively light and low system resources consuming, and comes in a very competitive price.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light.
  • Competitive price.
  • Designed to work through a database structure.
  • Allows you to compact and repair datasources


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